Willkommen bei der Internationalen kids-tour Berlin
Bienvenue au kids-tour international de Berlin
Welcome to the Berlin international kids-tour

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26th Berlin international kids-tour
August 24th to August 26th 2018

26th Berlin international kids-tour

Teams capable to participate
National and international, club-, regional- or association teams with U.C.I. license.
U13 the 2006/2007 age group, 4 riders, 2 officials; U15 the 2004/2005 age group, 4 riders, 2 officials
U15 female 2004/2005/ U17 female the 2002/2003 age group, 4 riders, 2 officials

The stages
1st stage: time trial, August, 24th, 3h p.m., U13 = 10 km, U15 = 12 km, U15/ U17 female 10 km
2nd stage: team time trial, August, 25th, 10h a.m., U13 and U15 an U15/U17 female = 10 km
3rd stage: road race, August, 25th, pre-start 2:30h p.m., U13 = 20 km, U15 = 40km, U15/U17 female = 40 km
4th stage: criterium, August, 26th, 10h a.m., U13 = 23,2 km, U15 = 43,5 km, U15/U17 female. = 43,5 Km

U13 = 5,66 m, U15 = 6,10 m, U17 female 7,01 m

Winners and riders in top positions receive prizes, all participants receive diploma and a token

Support contribution
For the financing of the International kids-tour Berlin the support by the participating teams is also necessary.
Per team a support contribution (including transponder) shall be transferred of 85 euros up to the closing date.
New banking connections:
Berlin Radsportverband e.V
DKB IBAN: DE05 1203 0000 1020 0134 37 SWIFT BIC: BYLADEM 1001

Berliner Radsportverband e.V.
Paul-Heyse-Strasse 29
D-10407 Berlin

Deadline for application
25th of June 2018 teams announcement, 24th of Juli 2018 announcement by name.
Announcements will be confirmed
The number of participating teams is limited

E-Mail to the event manager of the kids-tour